Privacy Policy

Using Budgel requires that we collect a small amount of information about you, and how you use the app. We take user privacy very seriously, and where at all possible information is only transmitted to us as a result of direct user interaction or input.

Data collected

Signing up to Budgel requires providing your username, a password, and an email address. This information is stored securely on our servers, and used to allow you to log in and use the app.

Viewing messages

By the nature of the app, Budgel requires you to grant it access to your location in order to work. When your phone requests to view the messages in a particular area, the coordinates of that area (which may or may not include your current location) are transmitted to our servers via an encrypted (SSL) connection. Your direct location is never transmitted to the server when performing this action, and there is no method by which it can be known whether your location is contained in the coordinate area being requested. These requests, and the coordinates therein, are not logged or stored. All calculations regarding a user's precise location are carried out on-device, and not transmitted elsewhere.

Leaving messages

In order to facilitate leaving a message at a particular location, Budgel submits the device's current coordinates, to be stored alongside the message on our servers. This is only performed with the express consent of the user, and this action comprises the only occasion on which a user's location is reported to our servers. Users should consider this location information publicly available, and make adequately informed decisions about where to leave messages.

These messages may also contain image and audio files, if provided by the user.

Profile information, comments and statuses

Budgel allows a user to provide a display name, biographical information, a profile picture, status messages and to leave comments on other messages. This data is only obtained through direct user input and action.

Usage data

To facilitate features such as message collection, like and playback counts, and view counts, Budgel tracks various activities as users use the service, and stores this information alongside a unique ID that is assigned to each user. Where possible this information is anonymised, and the app makes visible only a subset of this information where necessary.

General information

A user's IP address may be retained for a short period of time on our servers, for server monitoring and anti-spam reasons. These are short-term logs, and are not archived or available to view by anyone.

Your password is stored using secure, modern hashing techniques. It cannot be retrieved or viewed by anyone, and can only be reset via access to the email account provided during signup.

Your email address may be visible to server administrators, but will not be visible to others users and will not be shared with third-parties.

Aside from password data and email addresses, all data supplied to Budgel should be considered publicly-visible, and any decision to share data on the platform should be made with this in mind.

Users may request a copy of their data at any time from within the app.

Data Deletion

Users may at any point delete any piece of information they submit to the app. Deleting a message will also delete any associated media files.

A user may request that their account be deleted, in which case all information they have supplied, including messages they have created and any associated media files, will be deleted. Some, fully anonymised, statistics may be retained in order to preserve playback and like counts on the platform.

While account deletion renders a user's content unavailable with immediate effect, it may take up to 30 days for all user information to be fully removed from our servers and backups.

We accept no responsibility for any data that is accessed, saved or copied by other users while it is available on the platform.